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The Pig In The Dining-room

Categories: Ghost Stories
Scary Books: The Book Of Dreams And Ghosts
: Andrew Lang

Mrs. Atlay, wife of a late Bishop of Hereford, dreamed one night that

there was a pig in the dining-room of the palace. She came

downstairs, and in the hall told her governess and children of the

dream, before family prayers. When these were over, nobody who was

told the story having left the hall in the interval, she went into the

dining-room and there was the pig. It was proved to have escaped from

the sty after Mrs. Atlay got up. Here the dream is of the common

grotesque type; millions of such things are dreamed. The event, the

pig in the palace, is unusual, and the coincidence of pig and dream is

still more so. But unusual events must occur, and each has millions

of dreams as targets to aim at, so to speak. It would be surprising

if no such target were ever hit.

Here is another case--curious because the dream was forgotten till the

corresponding event occurred, but there was a slight discrepancy

between event and dream.