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The Man At The Lift

Categories: Out of Body
Scary Books: The Book Of Dreams And Ghosts
: Andrew Lang

In the same way, in August, 1890, a lady in a Boston hotel in the dusk

rang for the lift, walked along the corridor and looked out of a

window, started to run to the door of the lift, saw a man in front of

it, stopped, and when the lighted lift came up, found that the door

was wide open and that, had she run on as she intended, she would have

fallen down the well. Here part of her mind may have known that the

door was open, and started a ghost (for there was no real man there)

to stop her. Pity that these things do not occur more frequently.

They do--in New Zealand. {82}

These are a few examples of useful veracious waking dreams. The sort

of which we hear most are "wraiths". A, when awake, meets B, who is

dead or dying or quite well at a distance. The number of these

stories is legion. To these we advance, under their Highland title,

_spirits of the living_.