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The Mignonette

Categories: Ghost Stories
Scary Books: The Book Of Dreams And Ghosts
: Andrew Lang

Mrs. Herbert returned with her husband from London to their country

home on the Border. They arrived rather late in the day, prepared to

visit the garden, and decided to put off the visit till the morrow.

At night Mrs. Herbert dreamed that they went into the garden, down a

long walk to a mignonette bed near the vinery. The mignonette was

black with innumerable bees, and Wilburd, the gardener, came up and

advised Mr.
nd Mrs. Herbert not to go nearer. Next morning the pair

went to the garden. The air round the mignonette was dark with

_wasps_. Mrs. Herbert now first remembered and told her dream,

adding, "but in the dream they were _bees_". Wilburd now came up and

advised them not to go nearer, as a wasps' nest had been injured and

the wasps were on the warpath.

Here accidental coincidence is probable enough. {10} There is another

class of dreams very useful, and apparently not so very uncommon, that

are veracious and communicate correct information, which the dreamer

did not know that he knew and was very anxious to know. These are

rare enough to be rather difficult to believe. Thus:--