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The Rattlesnake

Categories: Dream
Scary Books: The Book Of Dreams And Ghosts
: Andrew Lang

Dr. Kinsolving, of the Church of the Epiphany in Philadelphia, dreamed

that he "came across a rattlesnake," which "when killed had _two_

black-looking rattles and a peculiar projection of bone from the tail,

while the skin was unusually light in colour". Next day, while

walking with his brother, Dr. Kinsolving nearly trod on a rattlesnake,

"the same snake in every particular with the one I had had in my

mind's eye". This would be very well, but Dr. Kinsolving's brother,

who helped to kill the unlucky serpent, says "_he had a single

rattle_". The letters of these gentlemen were written without

communication to each other. If Mr. Kinsolving is right, the real

snake with _one_ rattle was _not_ the dream snake with _two_ rattles.

The brothers were in a snaky country, West Virginia. {43}

The following is trivial, but good. It is written by Mr. Alfred

Cooper, and attested by the dreamer, the Duchess of Hamilton.