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"dear Lang,

Categories: More Ghosts With A Purpose
Scary Books: The Book Of Dreams And Ghosts
: Andrew Lang

"I enclose a tradition connected with the murder of Sergeant

Davies, which my brother picked up lately before he had read the

story in your Cock Lane. He had heard of the event before, both in

Athole and Braemar, and it was this that made him ask the old lady

(see next letter) about it.

"He thinks that Glenconie of your version (p. 256) must be

Glenclunie, into which Allt Chriostaidh falls. He also suggests

that the person who was chased by the murderers may have got up the

ghost, in order to shift the odium of tale-bearing to other

shoulders. The fact of being mixed up in the affair lends some

support to the story here related."

Here follows my friend's brother's narrative, the name of the witness

being suppressed.