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A Genuine Ghost

Scary Books: The Best Ghost Stories

(Philadelphia _Press_, March 25, 1884)

DAYTON, O., March 25.--A thousand people surround the grave yard in

Miamisburg, a town near here, every night to witness the antics of what

appears to be a genuine ghost. There is no doubt about the existence of

the apparition, as Mayor Marshall, the revenue collector and hundreds of

prominent citizens all testify to having seen it. Last night several

hundred people,
armed with clubs and guns, assaulted the specter, which

appeared to be a woman in white. Clubs, bullets and shot tore the air in

which the mystic figure floated without disconcerting it in the least. A

portion of the town turned out en masse to-day and began exhuming all

the bodies in the cemetery.

The remains of the Buss family, composed of three people, have already

been exhumed. The town is visited daily by hundreds of strangers and

none are disappointed, as the apparition is always on duty promptly at 9

o'clock. The strange figure was at once recognized by the inhabitants of

the town as a young lady supposed to have been murdered several years

ago. Her attitude while drifting among the graves is one of deep

thought, with the head inclined forward and hands clasped behind.