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Casting The Runes
_April 15th, 190-_ Dear Sir, I am requested by th...

To The God Nibib, Child

"dear Lang,
"I enclose a tradition connected with the murder of Ser...

The Cold Hand
[Jerome Cardan, the famous physician, tells the followi...

The Lady Of The Black Tower
BY MRS. ROBINSON. "Watch no more the twinkling...

Dear Mr Seymour,
I enclose some account of our experiences in K---- Cast...

Mystery Of The Coins
Dr. Funk was especially anxious to have an opportunity ...

The Haunted And The Haunters: Or The House And The Brain
A friend of mine, who is a man of letters and a ph...

The Milkman And Church-yard Ghost
A man much addicted to the heinous sin of drunkenness...

Appearances Of The Dead
We now pass beyond the utmost limits to which a "scient...


[2] Since the publication of the first edition "Hasting House" has been
converted into an Indian Rugby for the benefit of the cadets of the rich
families in Bengal.

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