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The Red Lamp
Mr. Cooper says: "A fortnight before the death of the ...

Farm House 7 Chamber Plan
The chamber plan is simple, and will be readily compreh...

Teig O'kane And The Corpse
There was once a grown-up lad in the County Leit...

The 930 Up-train
In a well-authenticated ghost story, names and dates ...

A Suspicious Gift
Blake had been in very low water for months--almost u...

"dear Lang,
"I enclose a tradition connected with the murder of Ser...

The Transferred Ghost
BY FRANK R. STOCKTON The country residence of Mr. ...

The Open Door
Here again is something that is very peculiar and not...

At Old Man Eckert's
Philip Eckert lived for many years in an old, weath...

What The Professor Saw
This story is not so painful as the one entitled "_Wh...


[2] Since the publication of the first edition "Hasting House" has been
converted into an Indian Rugby for the benefit of the cadets of the rich
families in Bengal.

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