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His Lord

The Signal-man
"Halloa! Below there!" When he heard a voice ...

The Mystery Of The Felwyn Tunnel
I was making experiments of some interest at South Kens...

Farm Barn 2 Barn Attachments
It may be expected, perhaps, that in treating so fully ...

Has Presented It
But, in the drawings, the fragments were of different c...

Mr Humphreys And His Inheritance
About fifteen years ago, on a date late in August or ea...

Farm House Design V
We here present a dwelling of a more ambitious and pret...

The Phantom 'rickshaw
"May no ill dreams disturb my rest, ...

The Devil Of Hjalta-stad {246}
The sheriff writes: "The Devil at Hjalta-stad was outs...

The Warlock Of Glororum
'But are you sure your father wouldn't object?' I ask...


[2] Since the publication of the first edition "Hasting House" has been
converted into an Indian Rugby for the benefit of the cadets of the rich
families in Bengal.

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