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A Model Ghost Story
(Boston _Courier_, Aug. 10) A very singular story wh...

The Ideot's Funeral
The following extraordinary affair happened about ten...

Dream Of Mr Perceval's Murder
"SUNDHILL, December, 1832. "[Some account of a dream...

More Haunted Houses
A physician, as we have seen, got the better of the dem...

The Lost Securities
A lady dreamed that she was sitting at a window, watchi...

The Phantom 'rickshaw
"May no ill dreams disturb my rest, ...

Farm House 6 Chamber Plan
The main flight of stairs in the entrance hall leads on...

Jane Of George Street Edinburgh
The news that, for several years at any rate, George ...


The Open Door
Here again is something that is very peculiar and not...

Hands All Round

Nothing was more common, in the seances of Home, the "Medium," than
the appearance of "Spirit hands". If these were made of white kid
gloves, stuffed, the idea, at least, was borrowed from ghost stories,
in which ghostly hands, with no visible bodies, are not unusual. We
see them in the Shchapoff case, at Rerrick, and in other haunted
houses. Here are some tales of Hands, old or new.

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