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The Superstitious Couple
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Group Ii
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Denis Misanger
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Love Rewarded
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Farm House Design Vi
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A Common Sheep
That the keeping of choice breeds of animals, and the c...

Lord St Vincent's Ghost Story
Sir Walter Scott, writing about the disturbances in the...

Farm House 5 Construction
A house of this kind must, according to its locality, a...

Hands All Round

Nothing was more common, in the seances of Home, the "Medium," than
the appearance of "Spirit hands". If these were made of white kid
gloves, stuffed, the idea, at least, was borrowed from ghost stories,
in which ghostly hands, with no visible bodies, are not unusual. We
see them in the Shchapoff case, at Rerrick, and in other haunted
houses. Here are some tales of Hands, old or new.

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