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The Patch Of Lamb's Skin

Scary Books: Strange Stories From The Lodge Of Leisures

In the twenty-fourth year K'ang-hsi lived in a remote district of the

western provinces, a man who could remember his former lives. He was now

a "tsin-shi," "entered-among-the-learned," renowned, and much considered

by his friends.

When speaking of the existences he had gone through, he used to say:

"As far as I remember, I was first a soldier--it was in the last days of

the Ming dynasty; my
regiment was encamped at The-Divided-roads on the

Ten-thousand-miles-great-wall. My remembrances are not very clear as to

whom we fought with, but I remember the joy of striking the enemy, the

hissing of the arrows, the yelling of the charging troops.

"I was still young when I was killed. After death, of course I was

called before the tribunal of The-King-of-shadows. Closing my eyes, I

can still see the big caldrons full of boiling oil for the trying of

criminals; the Judge in embroidered dress seated behind a red table; the

satellites everywhere, ready to act on the first word,--in fact,

everything exactly the same as in the worldly tribunals, excepting that,

in the eastern part of the hall, there were huge wooden stands from

which hung skins of every description--horse-skins, lambs' skins, dogs'

skins, and human skins of every age and condition; skins of old men, of

fat and important people, of lean and shrivelled men, of boys and girls.

"The trial began; the souls, according to their deeds, were condemned to

put on one of the skins and to come up again to the Lighted World in

this new shape.

"When my turn came I was sentenced to put a dog's skin on; and in this

low shape I was thrown again in the stream of life. But as I had not

forgotten my former condition, I was so ashamed, that the first day I

came on earth I threw myself under the wheels of a heavy carriage and


"The-King-of-shadows was extremely surprised to see me again so soon;

the dogs, as a rule, having no conscience, he could not suppose I had

killed myself, and did not hold me responsible for it.

"This time, I was born again as a pig. Pigs are valuable, and there are

always people to look after them; so I could not kill myself. I tried to

starve myself to death, but hunger was the strongest, and I had to

endure such a life. Happily, the butcher soon put a speedy end to it.

"When my name was called to the tribunal of Darkness, the

King-of-shadows looked over the pages of the Book and said:

"'He must be a lamb now.'

"The runners took a white lamb's skin, brought it, and began putting it

over my body. While this was going on, the secretary, who was writing

the sentence in the Book, started and said to the Judge:

"'Your Honour, there is a mistake. Please Your Honour read over again;

this soul has to be a man now.'

"You know that, on the Big Book of Shadows, all our past deeds are

recorded as well as our future destiny.

"The Judge looked at it over again and said:

"'True! Happily, you saw the mistake.'

"Then, turning to the runners, he ordered them to take off the skin,

which already covered more than half my body. They had to exert all

their strength, and even so, they tore it off into pieces. It hurt me so

much that I thought I could not stand it and I should die; but I was

dead, and I could not die more than that.

"At last they left me bleeding and panting, and I was born again in my

present condition. But they had forgotten a piece of lamb's skin on my

right shoulder, and I still have it now."

And he uncovered his arm and shoulder to show a piece of white woollen

hair on his right shoulder.