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The Drunken Bucks And Chimney-sweep

Scary Books: Apparitions; Or, The Mystery Of Ghosts, Hobgoblins, And Haunted Houses

On March the 19th, 1765, four bucks assembled at an inn in Grantham, to

drink a glass, and play a game of cards. The glass circulating very

briskly, before midnight they became so intoxicated, that not one of

them was able to determine how the game stood; and several disputes,

interspersed with a considerable number of oaths, ensued, till they

agreed to let the cards lie, and endeavour to drink themselves sober.

after they resumed the game; and each man imagining himself

capable of directing the rest, they soon came again to very high words;

when the waiter, fearful that some bad consequences might ensue, let

them know it was near three o'clock, and, if any gentleman pleased, he

would wait on him home. Instead of complying with his request, the

geniuses looked upon it as an indignity offered them, and declared, with

the most horrid imprecations, that not one of them would depart till

day-light. But, in the height of their anger, an uncommon noise in the

chimney engaged their attention; when, on looking towards the

fire-place, a black spectre made its appearance, and crying out in a

hollow menacing tone--"My father has sent me for you, infamous

reprobates!" They all, in the greatest fright, flew out of the room,

without staying to take their hats, in broken accents confessing their

sins, and begging for mercy.

It appears, that the master of the inn, finding he could not get rid of

his troublesome guests, and having a chimney-sweeper in his house

sweeping other chimneys, he gave the boy directions to descend into the

room as above related, whilst he stood at a distance, and enjoyed the

droll scene of the bucks' flight.