Cavalier Version {121}

"1627. Since William Lilly the Rebells Jugler and Mountebank in his

malicious and blaspheamous discourse concerning our late Martyred

Soveraigne of ever blessed memory (amongst other lyes and falsehoods)

imprinted a relation concerning an Aparition which foretold several

Events which should happen to the Duke of Buckingham, wherein he

falsifies boeth the person to whom it appeared and ye circumstances; I

thought it not amis to enter here (that it may be preserved) the true

account of that Aparition as I have receaved it from the hande and

under the hande of Mr. Edmund Wyndham, of Kellefford in the County of

Somersett. I shall sett it downe (ipsissimis verbis) as he delivered

it to me at my request written with his own hande.

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