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The Ghost-ship
BY RICHARD MIDDLETON Fairfield is a little village...

The Lady And The Ghost
BY ROSE CECIL O'NEILL It was some moments before t...

Has Presented It
But, in the drawings, the fragments were of different c...

Tom Cypher's Phantom Engine
(Seattle _Press-Times_, Jan. 10, 1892) Locomotive en...

The Superstitious Couple
In the letters from a gentleman on his travels in Ita...

A Common Sheep
That the keeping of choice breeds of animals, and the c...

Sir George Villiers' Ghost
The variations in the narratives of Sir George Villiers...

Lord Lyttelton's Ghost
"Sir," said Dr. Johnson, "it is the most extraordinary ...

Bendith Eu Mammau
They appeared diverse ways, but their most frequen...

Cavalier Version {121}
"1627. Since William Lilly the Rebells Jugler and Moun...

The Iron Cage

[As you express a wish to know what credit is to be attached to a tale
sent forth after a lapse of between thirty and forty years, I will state
the facts as they were recalled last year by a daughter of Sir William

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