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Hands All Round
Nothing was more common, in the seances of Home, the "M...

Farm House 6 Chamber Plan
The main flight of stairs in the entrance hall leads on...

Pontifex Of The God Bel

Cottage Design Ii
This cottage is a grade beyond the one just described, ...

A Strange Incident
When I was at college there happened what was a most ...

A Ghost That Will Not Down
(Cincinnati _Enquirer_, Sept. 30, 1884) GRANTSVILLE,...

Peter's Ghost
A naval officer visited a friend in the country. Sever...

The Deathbed
Miss C., a lady of excellent sense, religious but not b...

The Wesley Ghost
No ghost story is more celebrated than that of Old Jeff...

Deceiving Shadows
Night was falling when the horseshoes of the mules of...

The Iron Cage

[As you express a wish to know what credit is to be attached to a tale
sent forth after a lapse of between thirty and forty years, I will state
the facts as they were recalled last year by a daughter of Sir William

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