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The Ghost Of Lord Clarenceux
In the chair which stood before the writing-table ...


The Ghost-extinguisher
BY GELETT BURGESS My attention was first called to...

A Happy Release
Mr. Benjamin Woolfield was a widower. For twelve mont...

The Wood Of The Dead
One summer, in my wanderings with a knapsack, I was a...

The Restraining Hand
"About twenty years ago," writes Mrs. Elliot, "I receiv...

The Open Door
Here again is something that is very peculiar and not...

The city of Bayonne, lying on the left bank of the Ad...

Peter's Ghost
A naval officer visited a friend in the country. Sever...

Drake's Drum
Sir Francis Drake--who appears to have been especi...


Wanderers in that happy valley
Through two luminous windows saw
Spirits moving musically
To a lute's well tuned law,
Round about a throne, where sitting
In state his glory well befitting,
The ruler of the realm was seen.

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